What is Sundance Film Festival: Asia

Sundance Film Festival: Asia

Sundance Film Festival: Asia is an extension of the renowned Sundance Film Festival, bringing the spirit of independent cinema to Asia. This event showcases a curated selection of cutting-edge films, including features, shorts, and documentaries, from emerging and established filmmakers worldwide. The festival not only screens innovative and thought-provoking films but also hosts panels, workshops, and networking opportunities, fostering creativity and collaboration within the Asian film community. It serves as a platform for diverse voices and stories, reflecting Sundance's commitment to championing independent storytelling on a global stage.

Who is G2Go

G2Go Entertainment

G2Go collaborates with the Sundance Institute for the Sundance Film Festival: Asia, which returns to Taiwan in 2024. G2Go Entertainment has been instrumental in bringing this prestigious event to Taipei, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work and engage in dialogue with the global film community. The name G2Go stands for ‘雞兔狗’ or ‘Chicken Rabbit Dog’, representing the zodiac signs of the Taiwanese founding members. Their mission is to bring the best of the tech and entertainment world to Taiwan. They also host an annual Short Film Competition exclusively for Taiwanese filmmakers, offering them a unique opportunity to present their films on an international stage

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